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Summer Camp and In-School Workshops

Bring a Rock N Roll Theater Workshop to your camp or school!

Kids Creative staff works collaboratively with your children as they challenge themselves and each other in a communal creative process. Workshops are available as:
• 1-Day Workshops
• 5-Day Workshops
• 10-Day Workshops
• Weekend Workshops
• Teaching Artist Residency (we send one or two teaching artists to your site for an extended period of time)

You can choose from any of our programs:

Create-A-Play Rock N Roll Theater
Create-An-Art Exhibit
Create-Your Environment

Or work with us to customize a program to fit your needs.

Who creates: Your campers, led by Kids Creative (KC) teaching artists
What’s created: Brand new musicals, written with the KIDS, including music by the Dirty Sock Funtime Band!
Typical Five-Day Program—We can work with as many as 5 classes/groups per day

Day 1: As a group, we brainstorm ideas for an original story completely from their imaginations.
Day 2: Put the ideas into a story outline, including giving kids the opportunity to invent their characters.
Day 3: We finish creating the story, including a mini script, songs and choreography.
Day 4: Put the finishing touches on the play and rehearse
Day 5: Final rehearsal and performance.

Typical One-Day Program
The one-day program is a condensed version of our five-day program and lasts anywhere from 2 hours to a full day
Includes brainstorming to create a story outline and develop characters

Learning music by the Dirty Sock Funtime Band
At the end of the day we perform what we’ve worked on

Contact us: / (646) 485-5123


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