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Kids Creative brings incredibly unique after school classes right to your school. As a vendor of the New York City Department of Education, we work with the school administration or parent association to help find the classes that fit your school needs.

During each of the classes that we offer, kids use their imaginations to create original art, music, theater, dance and more, all the while learning essential skills in conflict resolution and peace building. Each class runs as a semester-long or year-long program.

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We offer these incredible classes:

Create-A-Play/Rock N Roll Theater (musical theater)

Create-Your-Future (envisioning and translating it to the arts)

Create-A-Groove (electronic songwriting)

Create-A-Move (dance)

Create-A-World (visual arts)

Create-Your-Enviroment (enviromental exploration through art)

Create-A-Verse (poetry)

Create-An-Orchestra (violin-cello-piano instruction and performance)

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