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Our mission

Our Mission:
The mission of Kids Creative is to foster the 6 C’s of peacemaking in youth: Confidence, Creativity, Conflict Resolution, Community, Collaboration and Cookies through arts education programs and live music and theater events.

Our Vision:
A better, more peaceful future can be brought about by those who, through the arts, have developed the creative, critical thinking and social skills necessary to make peace within themselves and in society.

Our Values:

  • Creative freedom is essential for problem solving
  • Value and encourage the imagination of children
  • Group collaboration is an essential skill for building
  • Cultural awareness and sharing can help build the
  • We must understand and respect our environment
  • Every child has gifts and talents

How we work:  During our after school programs, summer camps and workshops, we use the creative arts as a space to teach peace education.  Our ultimate goal is to build a school where youth are involved with peace education during their academic studies.  Our main rule is, “All ideas are good”.  In other words, we show kids that they rock.

Our programs aim:

  • To provide a fun, safe space for students of all ages, backgrounds and learning styles
  • To encourage anti-bullying techniques of creative conflict resolution, tolerance and appreciation for the ideas and beliefs of others
  • To instill a love of music and the arts in children
  • To build appreciation for children’s creativity in the general public


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