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our 6 c's  
Kids Creative has at its core what we call the 6 C's of peacemaking. Each of these C's is essential to the building of communities in each of our programs. We have divided these into Upper Case and lower case C's.

The Upper Case C’s—The essentials of peacemaking

Community—The overarching “C”.  The ultimate key to building peace is being able to coexist with those around you, and to build a functional community where issues are raised and resolved in a constructive manner.   

Confidence Building—The basic “C”.  You have to be able to accept yourself, and be happy with who you are in order to feel an essential part of building a peaceful community.

Conflict Resolution—The tough “C”.  The most difficult aspect of working with others is resolving problems that arise in a manner that is beneficial for all involved.  It is possible to easily find temporary solutions, but this is only the first step to conflict resolution.  For true peacebuilding, one must also know how to find solutions that are sustainable, meets the needs of the community, and take into account the often numerous factors that contributed to causing and perpetuating the conflict.

Collaboration—The cooperative “C”.  No community exists in a bubble, and it is important that members feel invested in working together and finding sustainable solutions.  Without collaboration, solutions are only temporary.   

Creativity—The innovative “C”.  Sometimes, we need to think outside the box and use our imaginations to solve conflicts that arise.  We have to be open to the ideas of others to make everyone feel comfortable. 

Cookies—The fun “C”.  One of our strongest beliefs is that the more enjoyable it is to be a part of a community, the more people are going to want to be involved in sustaining it.  People must feel like they are having fun in order to be invested in solving conflicts and building a peaceful, equitable society.

Lower Case C’s: The building blocks that make up and support the Capital C’s
  • cooperation
  • cultural awareness
  • critical thinking
  • comprehension
  • challenge
  • competitive spirit
  • competency fun
  • compassion
  • consensus building
  • compromise
  • congeniality
  • comprehension
  • contextual
  • consciousness
  • coexistence    
  • comparative analysis
  • communication
  • chuckles
  • coolness
  • chilllllin’
  • commitment
  • consistency
  • care
  • correct conditions
  • conditionality
  • corporate responsibility
  • congratulations
  • candidness
  • correlation
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