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past, present & future  
Read below to find out more, and join us as we build from the past, enhance the present and look to a bright future.


The Past
The first Create-A-Play after school program was taught in 1998 by Stephen Jacobs and was an instant success.  By 2000, the demand for more programs was so great that Adam Jacobs joined his brother Stephen to form the first summer camp, where 15 students created an original play over the course of two weeks. The unique approach and philosophy for teaching creative storytelling and music, where professionals work as creative equals with students, allowed us to solidify our commitment to arts education with the founding of Kids Creative in 2004.

Since its inception, Kids Creative has worked with more than 2,000 New York City students to produce over 85 original productions dealing with topics such as friendship, self-esteem, public speaking, diversity and imagination and nearly 30 original music CDs, given free to participants to serve as a reminder of all that they have accomplished. In 2005, Kids Creative was recognized with the Heroes Award for Excellence in Education and has been featured in such publications as Big Apple Parent and on CBS 2 News in NYC. 

The Present
Today, Kids Creative provides a summer camp in Manhattan, in addition to after-school programs in three New York City schools and numerous workshops throughout the New York metropolitan area. Our instructors are professional musicians, actors, visual artists, and licensed classroom teachers, including members of the highly acclaimed band for kids, the Dirty Sock Funtime Band. We have built partnerships with many schools, camps and other nonprofit organizations to ensure that we can successfully implement programs and enroll a diverse group of participants. In each class, we aim to establish a community where all students can succeed, regardless of their social, economic or ethnic background. 

Our program offerings include:

Create-A-Play/Rock N Roll Theater — Musical theater
Create-Your-Future — Envisioning, storytelling and activism
Create-A-Groove — Digital songwriting and dance
Create-A-Move — Dance and movement
Create-A-Verse — Poetry and hip-hop
Create-An-Orchestra — Violin/cello/piano instruction and performance
Create-Your-Environment — Environmental exploration and conservation

The Future
As Kids Creative looks toward the future, we see many great possibilities.  Our long-term plan includes founding the Kids Creative Academy, a K-8 Grade School in New York City, where we use our holistic approach to education in order to give youth a safe space to learn, to be creative and to gain confidence in them and in their community.  Our school will serve as a site year-round, housing school programs as well as the highly successful Kids Creative summer camp. 

Our path to founding the school includes solidifying and evaluating the Kids Creative curricula to ensure the most effective approach to peace-building through the arts, identifying a space that we can call home and developing relationships with schools and community organizations that will enhance our programs as we move forward.

In addition to developing a school, we plan to continue to partner with schools in other communities in the New York area with after school programs and workshops. Our plans for expansion focus on those schools in need of peace-building, those that are dealing with increased violence, issues of diversity, and with a great need for creative, constructive after school programs.  We will continue to train new teaching-artists in our curricula so that we can offer our unique programs to groups of children from a variety of socio-economic backgrounds.  

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