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What people have to say about Kids Creative...
“You all were able to bring out more from my son in four weeks than his school could in an entire year. I am using the CD and video of my son singing and memorizing his lines to challenge the school system that claims that he cannot learn.” 
-Rosaria D., Parent

"The camp is totally unique.  My son has never done anything like it before.  He even made a script folder and slept with it under his pillow!"
--Lisa A., Parent

“Kids Creative theater workshops are outstanding.  Their staff is highly professional, enthusiastic and wonderful with children.  The kids love the process and gain a great deal from the experience.”
-Jeff A., Director, Elmwood Day Camp

“The counselors were great and I had an awesome time making the play.”
-L.S., camper, age 9

“I would like to come to camp again until I’m twelve.”
-S.H., camper, age 5

“This camp is incredible.  So worth coming back!”
-E.S., camper, age 12

"Create-A-Play was just marvelous. Every night the kids would come home and they were having such a great time.”

-Esther O., Parent
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